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About Us

About Us

It's been a long time since I've updated the About Us page. In September 2014, I was told, after a long fight with colon cancer, that the cancer had spread to other organs and was terminal.

As of the first of the year 2015, John Esche, who has been with me for 14 years, has officially taken over as the new owner of Toy Trucks and More. John has become a good custom builder, and knows the business well. He has been accepted by my clients as well as other dealers, and I hope for future support for him.

John can be reached by using the Contact Us Button on the Contact page, or at contact.toytrucksandmore@gmail.com.

It's been a fun ride!
David N. Beasley

This page was created to provide background on the history that led to the starting of Toy Trucks and More.

I started collecting toy trucks at a very early age. Back in the 60's, about the only thing available were Winross and Ertl Trucks of the World, many of which I still have in my collection, and they are a great part of the collecting history. I graduated high school in 1977 and bought a 1969 White 5000 with a grain trailer and started hauling grain. I have owned several brands of trucks throughout the years, but my favorite was a 1964 Dodge C800 with a 413 gas engine, with a five speed, two speed axle. I purchased the truck right after my graduation, and kept it through 1991. I eventually sold it and there was an off-frame restoration done, which brought it back to show condition.

My Dodge C800 truck outside a grain elevator.

By May of 1991, I had five trucks in the fleet, but eventually decided to sell the trucking company and pursue the toy business. I had been custom building, and selling toys, for about two years as a part-time side business, but decided to go full-time. The picture below shows the first toy show that we set up at as a vendor, in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, which we still do every December.

Our first toy show in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, many years ago.

Another show at Hopkinsville a few years later.

Me and Ginny at Hopkinsville, Kentucky, at one of the toy shows.

Someone submitted our name for an interview with Toy Trucker & Contractor Magazine. The story was featured in the November 2009 issue, the cover of which you can see below, and was later republished in the May 2010 issue of the Lancaster Farming magazine. The article was written by Fred Hendricks, who is from the Lancaster, PA area. I was very pleased with the way the article and the pictures turned out. In the article, I especially wanted to thank my customers that have been with me so many years, and give tribute to the people in the business that have been a great influence and help to me.

Toy Trucker & Contractor Magazine November 2009 // Image used by permission of the Toy Trucker & Contractor.

Click to view the republished article (PDF format, opens in a new window, file size 3.02 MB)

In 2006 I was diagnosed with colon cancer, but did very well up until September of 2009. I had lymph nodes showing activity, but no way to diagnose. In early May 2010, they found another tumor in my colon, and I had surgery May 25th. Surgery seemed to go well until I returned home and had to go back to the emergency room. After testing, they found I had an infection and ended up in the hospital until June 21st. It has been a rollercoaster ride, but I am recovering quite well.

Pictured below is one of the gifts received, and was brought by my wife to the hospital. It is a DCP 389 Peterbilt with a van that they had printed with "Hope you are on the road to a quick recovery from your friends at Die-Cast Promotions." It was signed by the staff at DCP, and it was overwhelming when I opened it.

A special truck sent by Die-Cast Promotions wishing me get well.

A special truck sent to me by Die-Cast Promotions wishing me get well.

A special truck sent to me by Die-Cast Promotions wishing me get well.

We have been doing custom building of 1:64 trucks for WestSide Wrecker Service & Heavy Hauling out of Owensboro, KY. Here are a couple of pictures of real trucks. You can view some of the production models on the Manufactured/Pre-Order page.

Real WestSide Peterbilt 379

Real WestSide Peterbilt 379