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Shipping cost for parts will be based on weight and total amount.

Click on part description for image

Part Number Part Description Part Price
FA Front Wheel Set SOLD OUT
RA Rear Wheel Set $2.50/axle
RW-2H Rear 2-Hole Wheel Set $2.50/axle
DSS DCP Super Singles $4.00/axle
TSS Tonkin Super Singles OUT OF STOCK
LTW White-Lettered Tires (axle not included) OUT OF STOCK
LTO Orange-Lettered Tires (axle not included) $2.00/tire
LTY Yellow-Lettered Tires (axle not included) $2.00/tire
D-USA American Flag Grille Decal $2.00
D-REB Rebel Flag Grille Decal $2.00
D-SHK Shark Teeth Grille Decal $2.00
D-OFL Orange Flames Grille Decal $2.00
D-RFL Red Flames Grille Decal $2.00
D-SKL Cow Skull Grille Decal $2.00
D-PET Peterbilt Grille Decal $2.00
D-PL Panel Light Decal $2.00
D-BL Bumper Light Decal $2.00
D-TL Rear Tail Lights Decal Red on Chrome $2.00
D-TLR Rear Tail Lights Decal Red on Clear $2.00
D-TLO Rear Tail Lights Decal Orange on Clear $2.00
D-DOT DOT Stripe Decals $3.00/set
D-RFW Chrome Mud Flap Weights $2.00/set
D-BF Black Mud Flaps Decals $2.00/set
D-WF White Mud Flaps Decals $2.00/set
D-BKW Black Kenworth Rear Flap Decal $2.00/set
D-WKW White Kenworth Rear Flap Decal $2.00/set
D-BPT Black Peterbilt Rear Flap Decal $2.00/set
D-WPT White Peterbilt Rear Flap Decal $2.00/set
D-OLD Oversize Load Decal $2.00/set
D-025 3 In. Diamond Plate Decal $2.00
D-126 12 In. Diamond Plate Decal $5.00
D-08 Sleeper Window Decal $3.00
D-09 Sleeper Door Decal $3.00