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Shipping cost for parts will be based on weight and total amount.

Click on part description for image

Part Number Part Description Part Price
S-ANT Stainless CB Antennas $2.00
SL-ANT Stainless CB Antenna with Load $5.00
WH-ANT White CB Antennas $3.00
BL-ANT Black CB Antennas $3.00
TW-01 Chrome Turbo Wing (SOLD OUT) SOLD OUT
S8 Curved Short Stacks $10.00
S36 Curved Medium Stacks $10.00
S7 Curved Long Stacks $10.00
S2 Beveled Short Stacks $8.00
S34 Beveled Medium Stacks $8.00
S1 Beveled Long Stacks $8.00
S70 Beveled Long Monster Stacks $10.00
S71 Straight Long Monster Stacks $10.00
S79 Beveled Long Outlaw Stacks $12.00
S77 Straight Long Outlaw Stacks $12.00
S3 Beveled Stubby Stacks $7.00
S75 Beveled 4 Ft. Pickup Stacks $6.00
S9 Curved Stubby Stacks $9.00
S74 Curved 4 Ft. Pickup Stacks $9.00
S6 Straight Stubby Stacks $7.00
S76 Straight 4 Ft. Pickup Stacks $7.00
S510 Stack Adapter $2.00
S511 379 Stack Adapter $2.00
S321 Stack Cover $4.00
S622 Tail Light Bar with Red Lights $7.00
S127 Universal Half Fender $8.00
S128 Universal Single Front Full Fender $6.00
S129 Universal Single Middle Full Fender $6.00
S130 Universal Single Rear Full Fender $6.00
S141 Universal Rear Full Fender $9.00
S162 Universal Tri-Axle Full Fender $10.00
S304 Skirt Piece 379 $5.00
LBL Large Cab Light Bar $15.00
T044 Tonkin Chrome Headache Rack $10.00
HRS Silver Headache Rack $8.00
HRC Chrome Headache Rack $10.00
SCH Diamond Plate Cabinet Headache Rack $10.00
CCH Chrome Cabinet Headache Rack $10.00
HRL Logging Headache Rack $8.00
AH Air Hose $5.00
ACU Air Conditioner Unit Unpainted $2.00
ACP Air Conditioner Unit Painted $5.00
S387 4 Ft. Deck Plate $3.00
S388 8 Ft. Deck Plate $4.00
FSP 6 In. Peterbilt Frame Extender $8.00
FSK 6 In. Kenworth Frame Extender $8.00